Ellon’s parish history stretches back over 900 years. However, the present church was designed by George Edmund Street, the eminent Victorian architect, and is based on the design of the mediaeval parish church of Ellon, which was destroyed in 1776. It is a Grade A listed building and was opened on June 23rd 1871. It was consecrated on September 8th 1875.

This church replaced a smaller church at Craighall, which was opened in 1816 and which itself had replaced a series of “hidden” chapels used by the congregation during the days of the persecution of Episcopalians following their involvement in the Jacobite Risings.

Today Saint Mary’s is home to a lively congregation. There are two celebrations of the Eucharist each Sunday – at 8:15am and 11:00am – with time for children, both within the main service and as special time together.  During the week there are celebrations of the Eucharist in Church and meetings of home groups.

Saint Mary’s Hall is within the church grounds. The Hall is a centre of ministry to the community every day of the week – Day Care, Parent and Toddler Groups, Seniors’ Lunch Clubs, Mothers’ Union, Choir, Study Groups, Children’s and Teen Groups. The Parish Office is also located within Saint Mary’s Hall.